Directorate of Training & Employment

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Training Wing

To fulfill the requirements of technological man power of the Second World War period, war technical scheme was started in 1946. Post war, some obligatory changes were made to the scheme and it was then planned to train and relocate the liberated soldiers. During the post independence period in 1947, this scheme was also being used to relocate those who were left homeless and disarrayed due to the partition; it consequently resulted into a steady and sufficient growth of the training scheme. During the Shivarao committee of recommendation in 1956 (headed by Shivarao himself), the administration of scheme was moved from the central government to the state government. The Labour Department of Uttar Pradesh used to govern the State Industrial Training Centre, earlier. In 2007, another department named under vocational education was formed.

Employment Wing

In order to employ the liberated soldiers of Second World War in 1945, the Directorate General of Relocation and Employment was formed. Under its administration, a number of Employment Offices were established in different parts of the country. In order of implementing the recommendation of the Training and Employment Service Organization formed in 1952 headed under the Parliament Member Shri Shivarao, the regular administration of the Employment offices was handed over to the state government by the central government. Also, the policies and procedures to be complied by the Employment Departments were assigned by the central government. In order to make the Employment Offices more effective in 1959, the Indian Parliament implied the Employment Exchange Act, 1959 was passed, which came to effect from May 1960 in whole country.